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Who We are

The Roxy Centre is a multifunctional and people-oriented space designed to provide value and connection to people living in Acton. 

Core Values

Serving with the heart of Jesus

We believe that through Jesus, we are empowered to love our community with a love that surpasses cultural and societal barriers. Jesus lead with a servant heart lifting others up, and we are called to do the same

Providing connection for the community

Providing value for members of the community

We seek to be, both within our physical location and outside of it, a place of safety for all people. We also seek to provide connections within our community that might not otherwise be possible


We believe that the Christian church is strongest when it works together. We seek to provide opportunities for local churches to partner and share resources in loving the community. 


We seek to develop a sustainable space with partners and tenants which allow our space to be a resource to the community through meeting practical needs

We seek to provide value through practical needs, through sharing of life skills, and unifying community members.

Our Director


Payge Lucas is the Director of the Roxy Centre, and lives outside of Acton with her husband Paul and their three kids. Payge has worked in a variety of ministries and is currently pursuing her Masters of Theological Studies with a focus in Spiritual Care and Counselling at McMaster Divinity College. She loves plants, spending time with family, and building aquariums in her spare time.

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